Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Escape to Paradise Gets ThumbsUp

“Escape to Paradise: Living & Retiring in Panama” written by expat Richard Detrich gets thumbs up from readers eager to gain practical knowledge about visiting, living and retiring in Panama.

“Escape to Paradise: Living & Retiring in Panama” provides practical information on real living in Panama as well as tips and suggestions on what to do in preparation for retirement. The book also teaches how to sort through possible country options to help determine where one’s “paradise” is located. Author Richard Detrich is from Southern California and nine years ago decided to make the escape to “paradise”. Detrich gives practical advice on how to decide on a place to call “paradise” and details his experience in a way readers call an entertaining and engaging manner.

The book offers in depth information about Panama weather, cost of living, culture, tourist destinations, residential areas and recreational activities, and is an Amazon best seller. The paperback book is updated yearly with new material. The updated version of the book includes practical information like “Fifteen Things NOT to Like About Panama” and “What People Won’t Tell You and Can’t Tell You.”

Escape to Paradise has received good reviews from its readers. Bob Little says, “Richard really hit the nail…of all places…on the head!! Of all the articles and books I researched…this one tells it like it really is, with no personal axes to grind. Even though Richard has obviously been in Panama for quite some time his approach is current. His answers are to questions that the other literature I read failed to ask…much less answer! Not only that, his approach is far from lofty or detached…it’s like you’re both sitting at the breakfast table sharing conversation …with a little wit here and an off-hand comment there.”
Other readers offer similar endorsements. Denise Visci on Amazon says, “Five stars plus for Richard Detrich’s book, Escape to Paradise.”

“This book is not only informative, but well written, funny and keeps your attention”, says another reader named Bill Haze.

Asked what makes “Escape to Paradise” a good read, Panama expat Jackie Lange says that the information in the book combined with Detrich’s creativity in writing has made the book such a hit. “This book is really for people who are searching for their own paradise. Panama is a great place for retirement and you can find out why through Richard’s book”, says Jackie.

The author Richard Detrich is a popular port and destination lecturer on luxury cruise ships and frequently provides bridge commentary as ships transit the Panama Canal. He maintains a blog where readers can find more information about Panama and has also written another book entitled, “Cruising the Panama Canal: Centennial Edition”. He also actively participates in the Panama Relocation Toursas his way of helping more people determine if retiring in Panama is right for them.