Saturday, April 13, 2013

Panama Canal Cruise Book Gets Great Feedback From Readers

Panama tour organizer named Jackie Lange says that Detrich’s travel book gives Canal visitors and cruisers insights on the best time of year to visit the Canal and which cruise itineraries to pick. Jackie adds that practical details such as which side of the ship to choose, what to look for, what to expect and how to pick shore excursions are also revealed in the book. “Cruising the Panama Canal is the most helpful book I have read about the Canal. It has truly helped me plan and enjoy my cruise”, says Jackie.
Cruising the Panama Canal” is a guide book for one’s passage through the famous Panama Canal which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Book author, Richard Detrich, says that it is an essential travel companion for the cruise as the book offers the past, present and future of the Canal. Readers will learn the history of the Canal as well as current Canal expansions. Richard also offers insider information on shore excursions in Panama.
What makes Detrich’s book interesting is the entertaining way in which the author details his Canal cruise experiences. Readers get a lot of helpful tips from a man who has witnessed various Canal cruises and regularly gives Canal commentary from the navigation bridge of ships transiting the Canal. Many readers mentioned that they can feel Detrich’s excitement while reading the book. The author details his Canal tales like a storyteller who is bent to inform, entertain and make his readers smile at the end of the day.

“If you’re going on a Panama Canal cruise, this is a great book to have”, says reader D. S. Morgan. “Lots of history plus a great description of everything you will see on the day you go through the Canal”, Morgan further adds.
Peter D. Bennett also has good words for Detrich. “The author wrote an interesting and valuable book I’d recommend for any first time Panama Canal cruisers such as me. His reviews of excursions, what you will see and what to expect are terrific and is certainly helping us for our cruise next January. He also covers a quick overview of the history of Panama and the Canal.”
Richard Detrich is a popular port and destination lecturer on luxury cruise ships and frequently provides bridge commentary as ships transit the Panama Canal. He is passionate about writing and blogs about his experiences on his own website. Apart from Cruising the Panama Canal, Detrich has also written another travel book entitled, “Escape to Paradise: Living & Retiring in Panama”, which talks about the pros and cons of living in Panama.