Sunday, April 17, 2011



When we heard and read a word "Power" so our mind directly goes on Political, corporate and criminal power, especially to that person and celebrity which have influence in the society. But Today's i am not talking about the power which i mentioned above.

Now I want to discuss something else "Electricity" a basic needs and demand also. India has been a long history of power cuts, even rural area of the country is so far away from the power facility.

India generate only 3 percent of electricity from the nuclear power plant, Indian government have planned to set up few nuclear reactor in many states till 2025, which generate 30 percent of electricity for the country. The main source of generate electricity in India is coal and thermal power plant. India generates 63 percent electricity from the coal and 21 percent from other sources like Wind Mill, Hydro Electrical Power Plants etc. But Indian Government, states Government and Private electricity companies are unable to provide power to every home.

Electricity and Leaders are always far away from the villagers. The electricity facility has not reached to every village in India. Electricity comes only for few hours and then villagers are living in same style, now they learnt how to live without one major needs of the day.

We had have a good example in the past, the tribal village at palakkad district of Kerala, had never hoped to see electricity in their huts and homes due to a hilly area receiving high rainfall and far distance from the city, but last year in mid of march the power started flowing into their homes.

Palakkad was announced India’s first fully electrified area by Ministry of power.. But the rest of rural India has a long way to go, nothing has not been changed in various states especially in Bihar, Orissa etc.

The Government of India set a goal to supply power to all till 2012; it has been a slow started project due to the lack of funds and seriousness about the topic.

At the mid time review chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2010, The ministry of power supply in India admitted that just 32.032 MW had been generated. The shortfall of more than 40 percent could not be made up in one year.

The addition target is 78,577 MW up to march 2010 but achieved is only 32,032 MW. 11th five year plan will be ending in March 2012. Almost all major power project developers in India admitted that absence of equity of fuel and uranium. India generate 63 percent of electricity from the Coal,

We took 60 year to reach at this point and comparatively Japan took half period of time to reach at this point. Today’s Japan attacked by many things but they recover all the things very soon. World had already seen the attitude and work power of a new Japan after second world war nuclear bomb attacked at Hiroshima.

The coal production of India is 680mt per annum production target but only 319.8mt has achieved.

India generates 3 percent electricity from the uranium and totally depended on thermal power plant and Hydro electricity power plant. This has failed to provide electricity continually, Government should brings the idea of more uranium plant till 2030 then we can reach and generate 30 percent electricity from only the nuclear power plant.

Nuclear power is very crucial issued in the world, many countries already left down the nuclear power plant idea but it is a only way for India to generate electricity, because now we have not enough coal to generate electricity through thermal power plant.