Saturday, April 13, 2013

Car Makers Intros Mobile Apps on the Steering Wheel

Flavius Saracut, marketing manager at mobile app development agency Mobiversal, writes about BMW Apps and their 4 new integrated apps: Audible, Rhapsody, Glympse and TuneIn.
Saracut released a post last week titled, "Car makers put mobile apps on the steering wheel". "We took a look last year at how car makers are trying inform and entertain clients even with games, however brands like Ford and BMW are doing big steps in integrating apps right within the car.
BMW Apps integrates in the BMW display and controls to make sure that all features work easily, without any inconvenience and in a safe manner, thus minimizing possible accidents caused by driver distraction.
The BMW Apps option integrated 4 new apps: Audible (the app from Amazon that offers downloadable audio books), Rhapsody (subscription music service), Glympse (location sharing) and TuneIn (Internet radio)." states Saracut.