Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where Does Most Safest Places For Me in Metro Cities?

Rohit Dhyani: It is a well known fact, 2012 was most unsafe year for women in India. We had seen so many high profile gang rape cases on Television, Newspaper, Social media and debate forum in parliament as well. But it does not make any impact or changes on women’s life style in the country. This year parliament bought strong bill to provide protection to women and stop violence against them.

According to latest report by National Crime Record Bureau, national capital Delhi, which rule by women chief minister Sheila Dixit, is the most insecure place for women, with the highest number of rape and violence against women cases reported in the city last year. The report by NCRB comes up with very shocking fact, every fifth rape in 53 major cities of country took place in the national capital Delhi. Delhi government and Delhi police has failed to provide proper or sufficient security to women into the region.

According to latest repost by National Crime Records Bureau report shows of 3,025 rapes in 53 major cities of India in 2012, among 19.34 per cent took place in Delhi. Last year, Delhi’s involvement to total rapes in these cities was 17.6 per cent. Rajasthan was the second most unsafe state for women with 2049 incidents of rape, followed by Madhya Pradesh. West Bengal followed with 2046 recorded incidents. Among cities of the country, Mumbai has ranked two on reporting highest number of rape cases (232) followed by Jaipur (134) and Indore (125).

The National Crime Records Bureau report said that across the country, a woman got raped every 20 minutes in 2012 with total cases registered being 24,923. The biggest contributing factor in this category was from brutality by husbands and their relatives. The graph of incidents of crimes/violence against women across the country has rose up by almost 16,000.

Another alarming fact find was that the most incidences of crime against women were reported in West Bengal (30,942), followed by Andhra Pradesh (28,171) and Rajasthan (21,106), while Uttar Pradesh followed with 23,569 incidents. West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, are contributing to almost 33 percent of all crime against women in last year.