Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zynga’s Newest Card Battler Game

Zynga has announced the global launch of War of the Fallen, a brand new card battler game that delivers a new level of quality, depth, and accessibility to the popular genre. Now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and coming soon to Android on Google Play, War of the Fallen follows the success of Zynga’s Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, a popular card battler game launched in late 2012.
Designed with a global audience in mind, War of the Fallen stands apart with rich storytelling. The game starts after a comet, once a prison of ancient evil, crashes into the northern regions of Tyreon, scattering shardstones throughout the land. As a dark power grows, players undertake the role of a Shardbreaker to free ancient gods trapped in shardstones and command the creatures found within against demonic forces. Venturing through War of the Fallen’s unique map-based progression system, players encounter a rich cast of characters and each decision they make shapes the storyline in surprising ways.
To progress, players build and customize card decks, relying on strategy to compete in player vs. player and player vs. environment combat, earning treasures and new cards along the way. Players can customize their gameplay by utilizing three character factions and more than 150 cards with 100+ unique skills. Strengthening and evolving the cards, while combining the card skills within a player’s deck, provides countless game play options. Deck-building choices even have a big impact on the single-player aspect of the game, a rarity among card battlers. War of the Fallen was designed with a streamlined user interface, in-game tutorials, hints and intuitive progression to enhance the game’s accessibility.
It’s rare to find a card battler game that blends both accessibility and depth, and that’s what we’ve tried to deliver with War of the Fallen,” said Scott Koenigsberg, General Manager of War of the Fallen. “We hope players – both seasoned card battler veterans and those that are new to the genre – love the level of polish, customization and new social innovations we’ve included.”
War of the Fallen introduces a social mechanic called Guild Force, never before seen in the genre. By uniting with other players and friends, Guild Force boosts players’ individual and team abilities, improving overall strength of their cards and chances of success in battle.
Zynga is dedicated to creating free, social, high-quality mobile games across multiple platforms. War of the Fallen marks Zynga’s latest game in the company’s continued expansion into new genres and categories, and the latest in its growing mid-core category.