Saturday, April 13, 2013

Agilent Technologies Outfits UC Berkeley Electronics Lab with $300,000 of Test Equipment

Agilent Technologies has announced that it donated bench-top electronic measurement equipment worth $300,000 to the Texas Instruments Electronics Design Laboratory, which opened at the University of California, Berkeley, yesterday. The new lab will provide more than 1,000 Berkeley students each year with hands-on experience applying the principles they learn in gateway electrical engineering courses such as microelectronic circuit design.
The new lab and adjoining student lounge in Cory Hall - the home of the Electrical Engineering Division of UC Berkeley's Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences - is fully equipped and delivers a real-world learning environment.
"Agilent Technologies has been our close partner in nurturing the creativity and drive of our students," says S. Shankar Sastry, UC Berkeley's dean of engineering. "We are deeply grateful for this tremendous gift, which will help prepare our students to lead technological innovation in the global economy."
"It was exciting to see the new lab operational and immediately able to stimulate innovation among undergraduate engineering students," said Mark Pierpoint, vice president and general manager, software and modular solutions, Agilent. "This opening reinforces Agilent's commitment to foster engineering education and development at the university level."

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