Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paris Hinton visits India Reported by Rohit Dhyani.

Fashionclutch American fashionista, heiress, businesswoman and socialite Paris Hilton arrived in Mumbai in the wee hours of Saturday.

Paris, who arrived on a Turkish airline, stepped out of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in style at about

4am nogal.

She was reportedly friendly, while posing for photographers and later obliged the shutterbugs when she arrived at Mumbai's JW Marriot hotel where she was staying.

She was in India for a three-day trip during which she unveiled the Fall-Winter designs of her handbags. 

She hasn't done anything extraordinary like unify Quantum Physics and Einstein's Theories. She isn't a great laureate like Rabindranath Tagore. She isn't an exemplary model of service to humanity like Mother Teresa. Last time I checked she had not invented a cure for AIDS or found a solution to solve the world hunger problem.

Paris is not even a fictional character. She's a very real person. I could understand the obsession had she replaced Harry Potter in JK Rowling's epic series. I might have even enjoyed reading 'Paris Hilton And The Philosopher's Stone', 'Paris Hilton And The Half-Blood Prince' ,'Paris Hilton And The Order Of The Phoenix' ,etc.

In fact if anyone had done all the above - combined they still would not get the attention that Paris got when she was in Mumbai. People, many of them celebrities were lining up at the for Paris like a pride of lions ready to devour a freshly hunted buffalo.

The cameras obliged. One News Channel even described Paris as a 'Pari' or Angel. This is when my gag reflex went out of control. The amount of puke I was manufacturing after hearing Paris Hilton being described as an angel would fuel all forms of transport till the end of time should an engine ever be invented that runs on vomit alone.

What perplexes me is that Paris Hilton is famous for doing one thing and one thing only and that was making a Sex Tape. A certain degree of sophistication has crept into terming Paris' bed adventures caught on camera as a sex tape. When celebrities do it, it's called a sex tape, When others do it its called porn. Hmmm.

After much thought I think I know why Paris was accorded the attention that she was. India is the country of the Kamasutra. It is but natural that someone who demonstrated the Kamasutra on camera receives so much publicity in the nation of its birth.