Sunday, June 19, 2011

UID execution process has loopholes.

I am sharing one of my an article which has been published in Newspaper. Hope you will enjoy it.

INDIA HAS the second largest population in the world, making it impossible to provide Unique Identification Cards (UID) to everyone in the country. India is facing the same problem of migration from Bangladesh as the US is facing from Mexico and other neighboring countries.

The US government increased Visa fees in 2010 to control the migration problem and raised fund enhanced border security measures reasons also. The US government knows very well migration problems have direct impact on growth rate of the country and creates unemployment for its citizens. In India, there is no such blockage and no strong steps have been taken by the government on the issue of migration from neighboring countries. Migration creates unemployment and unstable conditions in the country.

In 2009, the Indian government bought the idea of Aadhaar Unique Identification Card Program. Prime Minister of India Mr Manmohan Singh invited Mr Nandan Nilekani, the engineer – entrepreneur and co-founder of Infosys Technologies, to lead this big and challenging task for India. The agency is headed by Nilekani. He was appointed as the first chairman of the authority in June 2009. The UID is part of the Planning Commission of India. He did a good job to build the structure of Unique Identification card for citizen of India. But the execution of Adhaar card is becoming controversial day by day.

UID will be easily verifiable in every circumstance anywhere in the country. It is unique and robust enough to eradicate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases. A random number will be issues, without any classification on the basis of caste, creed, religion and geography of citizens.

The card, however, has many loopholes like other cards issued by the government. Anti-Terrorist Squad of Madhya Pradesh police recently found an Aadhaar card with a 12-digit unique identity number bearing the name of SIMI activist Zakir Hussain, 26, a resident of Khandwa. Police have arrested him and investigation is going on.

A sting operation carried out by Kanada private channel showed that a person from Rajasthan, who works in Dharwad a district situate some 560 KM from Mysore, had visited Mysore on a tour and paid Rs.1,000 to get a UID card for himself.

The loopholes are related to the making of UID cards. Above reported cases clearly show that requester for Unique Identification Card does not necessarily have to give any proof for seeking UID number or card. There are a number of brokers who would prepare these documents if paid well. All that you need to do is provide him a passport-size photograph, and the broker will prepare affidavits, declaration and ensure that you get your UID.

The broker ensures that the authority concerned 'accepts' your identity and issues a UID Number and Card. The sting operation showed how a notary attested an affidavit for some money. Some notaries were so busy that they had employed their servants to attest the affidavits granting identity. If some migrant get a UID of India, which is quite a possibility taking into account the loopholes in the card execution process, it can be misused by some activated terrorist group in the country.

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